Raising the roof - in your Comms Room

roof mount raceway from CMS plc

The Cannon Technologies roof-mount raceways supplied by CMS plc offer network and data centre managers additional options for cable routing in the Comms room or data centre environment.  Using roof mount raceways, frees up under-floor areas which helps to improve cooling efficiency, and negates the need for ceiling fixtures as they are fixed directly to the top of the cabinet or rack.

The raceways are modular in design, easy to install and don’t interfere with roof mounted fan trays. They are designed to support bend radius requirements required for network cabling and are available in single or double-decker versions. Using the double-decker version allows cable segregation such as copper and fibre or alternate cable routes.

The roof mount raceways can be supplied separately or pre-fitted into the cabinets as part of the configuration service CMS plc offer customers, saving installation time on site.

For more information on these raceways, call 01252 379379.