CMS plc Audio Visual Open Days

audio-video-installerThe last few years have seen a massive growth within the Audio Visual industry, and recently we at CMS plc have been holding Open Days across our branches aimed specifically at Audio Visual, TV and satellite installers. This type of company is already using fibre to distribute TV signals, but more recently, they are being asked to install data points too (something they may not have much knowledge of). Therefore, the Open Days were set up to give installers a head start into this new direction of business and allow them to prepare as everything moves toward IP.

At the first of our Open Days, we provided attendees with an overview of Copper and Fibre installation practices, hands on termination and testing and also training on our Assynia® data products. One of the companies who attended the Open Days were Crystal Electronics Ltd. They found the information provided to be of great benefit, and were keen to learn more. They have since attended another Open Day with us, this time looking at active products such as switches, where these are used within a network and which type is required.

Our Audio Visual Open days have proven to be very successful, and we look forward to continuing this success and holding more in the future.