• NEW Range of Cabs!

    CMS Plc are so proud to announce a new distribution agreement with USystems on a range of cabs and accessories. Taking it back to basics, this range will give you what you need - quickly, easily and cost-effectively. If you don't see what you require online, you can call 01252 379 379 or email to enquire - we should be able to get hold of the item for you.

    See the range here:


    The search for cleartrunking getting harder and harder? Don't worry! CMS have your back. Get your Marshall Tufflex from us! Click here to see the range...


  • HellermannTyton NEW Catalogue

    HT have released their BRAND NEW CATALOGUE!


  • Outdoor Cabinets from CMS & Cannon Tech

    Explore Outdoor Cabinets from CMS & Cannon Technologies Ltd.

    Our range provides secure, reliable protection in harsh climatic and environmental conditions.

    Upto IP66 protection against dust & driving rain.

    These Enclosures protect; passive, electrical and electronic equipment in outdoor applications.

    Enclosure Protection for the transportation, security & surveillance, broadband, broadcast & communication market sectors - a safe & secure environment for all equipment requirements.

    See the brochure here: Call 01252 379 379 or email to explore the range!


  • Tackling The 6 Top Myths About UPS

    Thinking about UPS?

    Our friends at Riello have written a great article that demystifies the elusive machine. See it here:

    See the range on our website here:

    Or email to enquire about the best UPS for your use.

  • Cost Effective Labelling

    Tired of overly complicated and overly expensive labelling solutions? Then DYMO's LabelManager range may be for you... straightforward and very cost effective.

    We can all agree that there is a time and place for highly engineered label machines but most of the time, when you need a label - you don't need all the bells and whistles.

    The entry level machine in the range - the 160 - comes in at around £30.05 and tapes start at £17.90 which makes getting started so much easier.

    Only a small selection of the range is available on the website, so if you like the look of something you can't find - please email and we can quote in/ order it in for you.

    Find our existing range here.

  • Official Partners of Allied Telesis

    CMS Plc have partnered with Allied Telesis to bring you a range of reliable and intelligently engineered switches and media converters with UK stock holding for next-day or 2-day delivery.

    Who, What and Why?

    • Allied Telesis has been in the business of building reliable networks for over 30 years

    • They have a strong emphasis on engineering and quality, with R&D centres globally and their own manufacturing facilities

    • They have a wide-ranging portfolio of TAA-compliant networking equipment from media convertors and NICs, through to 40G/100G chassis switches and Industrial products

    • Allied Telesis is a world leader in Fiber optic products



  • Trade Account Benefits!

    Sign up for a trade account here:


  • Assynia!

    What is Assynia?

    Assynia is CMS Plc's own branded solution for high performance, low cost, structured cabling solutions. Assynia is designed for the professional installer and has been continuously developed over the last 10 years. The Assynia solution is CPR complaint.

    The Assynia solution contains a range of copper and fibre cable, keystone jacks, faceplates, adaptors, wallboxes, PDUs, and patch cords and everything in between!

    Assynia certified installers can get access to a range of benefit such as free training, free technical support, 25 year warranties, preferential pricing and CPR compliance documentation.

    To become an Assynia certified installer email asking to join the program, attend a free one-day training course (£50 deposit towards your next Assynia order) and pick up your certificate!

  • 18th Edition - Are You Compliant?

    Clip & Comply to 18th Edition Regulations

    The requirement of IET’s 18th Edition, Chapter 52, that cables must be supported against their premature collapse in the event of fire, is for many stakeholders a long-awaited stipulation to address a critical fire-safety issue, but has others wondering ‘why?’ and ‘how?’ Such queries we put to D-Line, the Newcastle-based cable management experts, who invented the first fire-rated clips for use either direct-to-surface or in pvc trunking installations.

    To see the full range of D-Line complaint clips click here

    Keep reading to find out more!

    Can D-Line summarise the background to this new requirement?

    Of the twelve firefighters killed at work between 2005 and 2015 in UK, two-thirds were victims of fatal cable entanglements - those deaths wouldn’t have occured if cables had been supported with fire- safety in mind. In temperatures up to 900ºC, plastic systems could not prevent cables dropping ‘to make impenetrable webs’, ‘molten sheaths that stuck…’ and made death-traps amidst ‘heat like jet- engines’ in ‘zero-visibility’. Coroners reports describe the horrific consequences of cable entanglements. In July 2015 an amendment to 17th Edition required non-combustible fixings to be used for all new surface cable installations on ‘escape routes’. Because fires occur wherever, the 18th Edition has extended the requirement to all new cable installations… a potential life-saving development.

    To clarify, must all new cable installations be secured in noncombustible ways?

    Yes. Note, steel fixings and containment-systems can typically withstand temperatures exceeding 1000ºC for at least 2 hours; intended to afford sufficient time to evacuate densely populated buildings. Installations relying on common plastics will melt at approximately 150ºC. In fires, PVC wall-plugs, plastic clips and ties, and plastic cleats fitted direct-to-surface, all cause cables to drop by offering inadequate support. Similarly, every length of surface-mounted PVC trunking and conduits needs to be secured by non-combustible fixings, so long after they disintegrate the cables will remain in-situ.

    Are all metallic clips suitable for use?

    Not necessarily. While mild-steel is suitable, almost half of metals will melt at lower than 500ºC. Surety is best proved by tests. British fire-test labs test fixings up to 970ºC for 2 hours, applying vibrations to installations and water sprays too, to simulate fire conditions in accordance with BS5839pt1 benchmark. For peace-of-mind and to ensure fit-for-purpose, stakeholders should beware of untested products and alloys of variable compositions from batch productions that can offer no performance guarantees. Aside the heightened awareness of fire-safety generally, at D-Line we trust a legacy of lives lost can be that standards are at least respected.

    How should non-combustible fixings be installed?

    Cables should be secured in accordance with cable manufacturers guidelines. For horizontal cable installations the rule-of-thumb is generally 300mm spacings for cables up to 8mm diameter, and 400mm for vertical installations. Bigger cables can sometimes be spaced wider. It is important to note that wider-than-recommended spacings compromise cable integrity, and cable performance is fundamental to the regulations. From specially commissioned testing we know D-Line Safe-D products can be fully-loaded re cable weight, and spaced on both walls and ceiling planes at 500mm centres, while still holding cables securely. However tempting, the wider spacings can increase risk of cables sagging, which over the time of a fire increases risk of short-circuits… when power to alarms and lights might be critical. Consideration must be given not only to surface clip capabilities, and for due diligence only fire-tested certified fixings should be used as part of a complementary fire-rated cable management ‘system’.

    Are such fire-rated cable management systems available?

    D-Line offer a full range of innovative and market-leading solutions, available from all leading wholesalers. All are fully tested for compliance with BS5839pt1 and to satisfy new 18th Edition regulations, in conjunction with D-fixing screws also. These screws have subtly-domed heads that optimize space within the Safe-D Clips, and 40mm length that embeds to offer exceptional pull-load resistance and load-bearing. D-Line’s range is ideal for direct-to-surface fixing or for installation in pvc trunkings up to 50mm wide. All are user-friendly, exceptionally quick-to-install, with value-added features, and very competitively priced.

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