• Assynia!

    What is Assynia?

    Assynia is CMS Plc's own branded solution for high performance, low cost, structured cabling solutions. Assynia is designed for the professional installer and has been continuously developed over the last 10 years. The Assynia solution is CPR complaint.

    The Assynia solution contains a range of copper and fibre cable, keystone jacks, faceplates, adaptors, wallboxes, PDUs, and patch cords and everything in between!

    Assynia certified installers can get access to a range of benefit such as free training, free technical support, 25 year warranties, preferential pricing and CPR compliance documentation.

    To become an Assynia certified installer email asking to join the program, attend a free one-day training course (£50 deposit towards your next Assynia order) and pick up your certificate!

  • Intelligent CAT6A

    Need a more efficient cable?

    With Patchsee cable you can identify data connections and strategic links quickly and efficiently.

    • Lets you instantly trace both ends of any network cable using an exclusive lighting system
    • Clear visual identification increases security when handling network connections
    • No more plugging and unplugging the wrong cables, no more basic mistakes causing down time for information services
    • Confirm links before disconnecting servers and other connections Increased security
    • Small sized boots fit easily into high density environment switches, servers and patch panels
    • PatchClip removable color clips
    • Practical for managing any kind of network; provides visual differentiation for racks, applications and servers according to their use (e-commerce, Web, data, etc); protects cable lock-tabs
    • Compatible with all types of computer equipment cabling, switches, etc.
    • Complies with EIA/TIA & ISO standards
    • 10 GB applications -Cat. 6a / Cat. 6 / Cat. 5e – UTP & FTP -Available in lengths from 2 to 165 feet (0.6 to 50 meters)
    • Several PatchLight models to choose from, providing different colors for simultaneous identification

    Check out the CMS range of Patchsee products here

  • NEW: Hiwatch by Hikvision Security Range


    HiWatch (by Hikvision) - A range of professional HD cameras, NVRs and accessories that applies the advantages of internet and networking technologies to the world of video surveillance.

    The camera range includes IP,  indoor and outdoor, vandal proof bullet and mini dome, and a series of speed domes featuring important functions like 3D PTZ intelligence management. All cameras have HD resolution and skillfully engineered, high performance components.

    The HiWatch digital video recording platform is the ideal solution for creating an innovative HD  IP CCTV architecture. A single comprehensive software solution enables vertical management of the entire system. It supports up to 256 devices, 4 monitor outputs, live and playback viewing, maps with alarm functionality, pop-up video cameras, event logs, remote configuration and multi-level user management. The Software Client Platform is available for Windows and Phone and mobile app versions are available for iPhone, iPad and Android.


    ALSO AVAILABLE WITH : WD Purple Surveillance Hard Drive

    • The WD Purple drive is designed specifically for 24/7 DVR and NVR surveillance solutions and is optimized with AllFrame 4K™ technology for system playback and performance.
    • WD Purple drives support 3x the workload rating of desktop drives, making them more capable of handling the higher demands of video surveillance systems.
    • Interface: SATA 6Gb/s, Form Factor: 3.5 Inch and RPM Class: 5400
    • Download Datasheet Here
  • FREE Labelling Software

    Labelling Software

    Sharpmark Online Labelling Software is an efficient and cost effective solution enabling users to

    produce professional labels using a standard office laser printer, removing the need for

    expensive custom printers.

    Combined with our high quality printable labels, the Sharpmark Online Labelling Software allows you to organise and label your project clearly, minimising downtime for regular maintenance and troubleshooting.

    Benefits of Sharpmark Online Labelling Software

    • User friendly and requires no training.
    • Pre-loaded with all the Sharpmark label part numbers and standard layouts to fit a wide range of manufacturers components- just select the one you need.
    • Create your own job from scratch.
    • Use number sequences, alpha sequences, compound sequences, fixed text, copy-and-paste from spreadsheets, or a combination of everything.
    • Work on projects from multiple locations, just log back in and continue working on any jobs you saved previously.
    • Compatible across all platforms -- Windows, Apple Mac, Tablets, iPad -- you simply use any standard Web Browser.
    • Unlimited users, and automatic upgrades online with nothing for you to install.
    • Unlimited technical support is available by telephone or email.

    Log in Right Now

    You can access the  Online Labelling Software now - try it out or print some labels for your project straight away.

    CMS Plc are a proud distributor of Sharpmark labelling solutions. Click Here to see the Sharpmark range on our website.

  • Damaged Cables?

    “The quality of the structured cabling environment is crucial to the cables future performance”

    Cablelay products create a high performance physical barrier which protects cables from protrusions, sharp edges, rough and uneven surfaces, pressure points or ridges, potential chemical impurities and water penetration.

    Damaged cabling considerably slows down system performance, causes loss of data and costs hours of additional work time. The Cablelay range of products, are designed to minimise the risk of damage often caused during installation, and the subsequent remedial work and protects the cabling for the life of the system. Don’t get caught out...

    Features and Benefits:
    • Protects cables from pressure points and crushing which can damage the performance of a structured cabling system
    • Protects cables from sharp edges, snagging, protrusions and ridges to help maintain the performance of the cables
    • Black Cablelay Matting has a Class 0 fire standard which meets British Building Regulations
    • Also available in LS0H (low smoke zero halogen) and ES (European specification) Is 'closed cell' preventing any chemical or moisture penetration from the concrete substance
    • Is available in a wide range of widths, thicknesses and roll lengths
    • Creates a dedicated and visible route way that is lightweight and flexible, so it is easy to install saving time and money
    • Any last minute changes to the route way can easily be accommodated by lifting and repositioning, delivering the project on time
    • Can easily be trimmed to length using the Cablelay metre marks
    • Rolls are joined using Cablelay Tape which maintains the Fire Standard and prevents joint movement
    • 25mm thick is ideal for computer rooms/pan areas with a high density of cable




    Premium HDMI Cable Certification Program


    Premium High Speed HDMI Cables Tested to Ensure Quality for Feature-Rich 4K/UltraHD Content 

    Products are reaching the market with the latest HDMI-enabled high-performance digital audio and video features, and a vital component in successfully delivering those features is the HDMI cable. The Premium HDMI Cable Certification Program is the new program from the creators of HDMI technology. It encompasses additional and enhanced cable testing as well as an authentication and verification program.

    Cables are tested to ensure they support the full 18Gbps bandwidth from the HDMI 2.0b specification plus an EMI test to ensure cables minimize interference with wireless signals.

    The program is designed to give end users confidence when purchasing new HDMI cables for their 4K/UltraHD products that may include features such as 4K@60Hz, BT.2020 and HDR. Participating HDMI Adopters can promote their ATC-tested High Speed HDMI Cables as Premium High Speed HDMI Cables or Premium High Speed HDMI Cables with Ethernet using a unique anti-counterfeiting authentication label on their products.


    Top 5 Reasons to buy HDMI cables from the Premium HDMI Cable Certification Program

    1. Performance and Value. Premium HDMI Cables are relied upon for higher performance and value, and are the only cables to be tested and certified by HDMI Authorized Test Centers to ensure they support high-bandwidth HDMI 2.0b specification-enabled features.
    2. Testing is Comprehensive. Cables are tested to the full 18Gbps and with an EMI test, and every length of every model line is tested and certified.
    3. Trust the Cable with the Label. Only Premium HDMI Cables are allowed to display and promote the official Premium HDMI Cable Authentication Label.
    4. The Power of Verification. Anyone can use the HDMI smartphone scanning app to verify the cable’s certification and product information.
    5. Be Future-Ready. Cables certified under this program ensure installations are ready for today’s 4K/UltraHD environment, and are future-proofed for the performance needed when equipment is upgraded or replaced.


    Trust the cable with this label!




  • Part 3 Brady Winners VS Wasters Campaign!

    Cable & component identification solutions to save time

    In your professional hands, the right tools always get the job done faster and with greater result. That is why every Brady printer has a wide variety of labels, in up to 8 colours, that handle every situation:

    ■? Flag labels: to print a lot of information on a tiny label. ■? Self-laminating labels: to protect a vital barcode from abrasion, dirt or moisture. ■? Cable sleeves: for extra durability before attaching a cable. ■? Engraved plate replacement labels: to identify components with a label that looks just like a metal nameplate ■? More labels & custom solutions available!


    Brady’s identification solutions are available in the most durable materials for your professional context:

    ■? Polyolefin labels and sleeves that remain legible in wet environments, in high temperatures and when exposed to chemicals ■? Vinyl labels available in many colours with excellent oil and dirt resistance, great UV-resistance ■? Nylon labels that are very strong and flexible and show excellent chemical and extreme temperature resistance


    CLICK HERE to explore our range of BRADY products!


    The DYMO Rhino™ 4200 gets labelling jobs done fast – and done right. Easily navigate the familiar QWERTY keyboard. Use one-touch “Hot Key” shortcuts to quickly create and format wire/cable wraps, flags, Code 39 and Code 128 barcodes, fixed-length labels, module labels and more. Print labels up to 19mm wide in flexible nylon, permanent polyester and durable vinyl materials – PLUS print directly on heat-shrink tubes. Save even more time with great features – like the “Favorites” key which provides single-key access to commonly used labels, symbols and terms; and the “Custom” key which eliminates repeated steps by saving customised settings.


    Industrial-strength labelling versatility - Print 6mm, 9mm, 12mm and 19mm wide labels in a variety of materials and colours PLUS print directly on heat-shrink tubes

    Auto save/auto power-off - Extend battery life without losing current work

    “Favourites” key - Single-key access to your most commonly used labels, symbols and terms

    “Custom” key prevents needless repetition - Customise and save settings for individual label formats

    Built for the industrial workplace - Integrated rubber bumpers help prevent damage from accidental drops and falls

    Pre-programmed symbols and terms library - Access 150 symbols and terms for security, electrical, pro A/V and facilities management

    Patented “Hot Keys” - Shortcut keys for creating and formatting wire/cable wraps, flags, Barcodes 39 and Barcodes 128, fixed-length, general and module labels

    Large back-lit display - Easy to read, even in dimly-lit work areas

    Easy to navigate QWERTY keyboard.





  • Winners and Wasters Pt2

    Brady's Time Winners VS Time Wasters Campaign Pt2


    Cable and component identification labels usually aren’t your prime concern, nor should they be. But have you ever lost time figuring out where which wire goes? Ask yourself how much time or money you lose while trying to trace an unidentified cable, wire or component. Ask yourself how fast pressure builds when machinery, production lines, servers and services are impacted. Cable and component identification labels are great tools to keep power, network, voice/data cables and components organised and running effectively. They enable you to quickly recognise which cable needs checking during troubleshooting. When used correctly, professional cable & component identification can help you save a lot of time. Check out our 10 Time Winners in cable identification!

  • Time Winners VS Time Wasters Pt1

    Brady Corporation is an international manufacturer and marketer of complete solutions that identify and protect premises, products and people. Its products help customers increase safety, security, productivity and performance and include high-performance labels and signs, safety devices, printing systems and software, and precision die-cut materials. Founded in 1914, the company has millions of customers in electronics, telecommunications, manufacturing, electrical, construction, education, medical and a variety of other industries. Brady is headquartered in Milwaukee and employs more than 6,500 people at operations in the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

    Time Winners VS Time Wasters is a campaign designed to show you the benefits buying from Brady will bring you. If you are intrigued click HERE to find out more.

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