Zcomax – Wireless, Outdoor PTP and PTMP Bridge, 5GHz

The ZCN-M5-20AC is an ultra high performance point-to-multipoint system delivering up to 500Mbps capacity and is an ideal upgrade for service providers seeking to deliver more reliable connectivity and higher subscriber capacity. Backwards compatibility with ZCN-M5-20 products simplifies the migration. Powerful and highly functional operating system with a user-friendly interface makes it easy to deploy and manage the network even for the new customers.

The ZCN-M5-20AC combines a robust IP66 compliant enclosure with a highly advanced 802.11AC radio core containing MIMO 2x2 technology along with an integrated high gain dual polarization directional antenna. Each head features a built in Web management system for configuration and includes useful installation tools such as site survey, antenna alignment, delayed reboot and a spectrum analyser.

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Description: 11AC 5GHz Point To Multi Point Outdoor Wireless Bridge (Pair)
11AC 5GHz Point To Multi Point Outdoor Wireless Bridge (Pair)