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DSX CableAnalyze™   CertiFiber® Pro OLTS   OptiFiber® Pro OTDR


Most advanced copper certification tester



Fast and simple fiber certification



Accelerates fiber troubleshooting and certification

  • Unmatched speed for Cat 6A, Class FA and all current standards
  • Graphical display of failures
  • Surpasses IEC Level V: the industry’s most stringent accuracy requirement
  • Endorsed by cabling vendors worldwide
  • Built in Alien Crosstalk testing
  • First field tester to support balance measurements
  • Fastest time to certify – two fibers at two wavelengths in three seconds
  • Full Encircled Flux compliance, required by ANSI/TIA and ISO/IEC
  • Merged Tier 1 (Basic)/ Tier 2 (Extended) testing and reporting
  • Convenient quad module supports both multimode and singlemode loss testing
  • Integrated fiber inspection camera and Visual Fault Locator
  • Extended singlemode distance range to 130k
  • Industry’s shortest event and attenuation dead zones
  • Accelerate fiber certification with the fastest set-up and trace times
  • EventMap™ view negates the need for OTDR Trace Analysis
  • Integrated fiber inspection camera and Visual Fault Locator
  • Merged Tier 1 (Basic)/Tier 2 (Extended) testing and report