Future-proof your Data Centre with the 24 Fibre MPOptimate

TE Connectivity’s 24 fibre connectivity solution will enable Data centre managers to make the transition from 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) to 40 GbE and 100 GbE applications more smoothly and efficiently.

The system provides Data Centre managers a consistent fibre infrastructure that can last over the next three generations of active equipment, delivering an easier migration path to higher speeds, space-saving benefits and higher utilization of their fibre investment.

Based on TE’s low loss MPOptimate connectivity family, the new 24 fibre MPOptimate system comprises a range of modular cassettes, 24 fibre trunk cables and patch cords.





TE Connectivity’s 24 fibre MPOptimate system supports a cost-effective migration to the increased data speeds required for the next generation of servers, storage and switching platforms in an agile data centre.



Key Benefits

Low loss 24 fibre OM4 MPOptimate trunks

• Supports 10/40/100Gb/s migration

• Provides increased space utilization over 12 fibre trunks

• Fewer trunks: less containment space needed leading to lower initial build costs

• Fewer connections: faster time to turn up circuits

Low-loss 24 fibre OM4 MPOptimate cassettes

• Fast interfacing, no gender or polarity issues

• Quick-Fit design – fits into Universal Connectivity Platform (UCP)

Low-loss 2, 12 & 24 OM4 fibre patch cords

• Uses bend insensitive fibre

• Supports 10/40/100Gb/s applications

Fewer components

• Better space utilization, less complexity, reduced risk


To order any of these products or to get more information please contact your local CMS plc sales office.