Speed-D Clamps

In busy server cabinets, patented Speed-D Clamps uniquely align rows of network cables - to potentially save a fortune in time, disruption & lost revenue! The hinge-design of these cable organisers enables the user to open the jaws, to insert cables in the same order as the corresponding ports, before simply click-lock closing the Clamp. By organising the cables in an orderly line-up, in event of a switch change there is no confusing which cable fits in which port. By eliminating mis-patching, critical downtime is minimised. Speed-D Clamps are a neat way also to sort cables around desks and TVs... wherever you want to tidy several cables!
Product Description
Code Description Size Price Qty
Description: Speed-D Clamps 6 Port
Size: L: 105mm, W: 15mm, H: 20mm
Speed-D Clamps 6 Port L: 105mm, W: 15mm, H: 20mm
Description: Speed-D Clamps 12 Port
Size: L: 105mm, W: 15mm, H: 40mm
Speed-D Clamps 12 Port L: 105mm, W: 15mm, H: 40mm