SecuriTEST IP - Digital/Analog/HD Coax CCTV Tester

  • SecuriTEST IP is an installation and troubleshooting tester for digital/IP, HD coax and analogue CCTV camera systems. With a single tester that can power, configure and document, SecuriTEST IP increases productivity from start to finish.
  • Connect to various cameras using RJ45, Wi-Fi or BNC ports
  • Power the camera with 12V from the Li-Ion battery or PoE/PoE+
  • Faster camera login using the unique QuickIP™ function
  • Comprehensive camera setup with aim, focus, PTZ, presets and network settings
  • Provide proof of installation with PDF reports that show camera parameters and multiple video screen-shots
  • Eliminate guess work with data cable and network troubleshooting tools
  • Product Description
    Code Manufacturer Part No Description Price Qty
    Manufacturer Part No: R171050
    Description: STIP-Replacement Cable Tracer/Remote
    R171050 STIP-Replacement Cable Tracer/Remote
    Manufacturer Part No: R171051
    Description: STIP-Cable Accessory Set
    R171051 STIP-Cable Accessory Set
    Manufacturer Part No: R171052
    Description: STIP-Replacement Battery
    R171052 STIP-Replacement Battery
    Manufacturer Part No: R171000
    Description: SecuriTEST IP - Digital/Analog/HD Coax CCTV Tester
    R171000 SecuriTEST IP - Digital/Analog/HD Coax CCTV Tester