PatchSee - Rechargeable Pro PatchLight

The unique PatchSee™ patch leads have two flexible, plastic fibres running through the cable. These fibres are designed, with the aid of the PatchLight, to accept light at one end of the patch lead and emit a bright light at the other, providing an immediate and positive identification of both ends of the patch lead.

Product Description
Code Description Light Colour Price Qty
Description: PatchSee Pro PatchLight White
Light Colour: White
PatchSee Pro PatchLight White White
Description: PatchSee Pro PatchLight Red
Light Colour: Red
PatchSee Pro PatchLight Red Red
Description: PatchSee Pro PatchLight Green
Light Colour: Green
PatchSee Pro PatchLight Green Green
Description: PatchSee Eco PatchLight Red (Battery Operated)
Light Colour: Red
PatchSee Eco PatchLight Red (Battery Operated) Red