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Cable & component identification solutions to save time

In your professional hands, the right tools always get the job done faster and with greater result. That is why every Brady printer has a wide variety of labels, in up to 8 colours, that handle every situation:

■? Flag labels: to print a lot of information on a tiny label. ■? Self-laminating labels: to protect a vital barcode from abrasion, dirt or moisture. ■? Cable sleeves: for extra durability before attaching a cable. ■? Engraved plate replacement labels: to identify components with a label that looks just like a metal nameplate ■? More labels & custom solutions available!


Brady’s identification solutions are available in the most durable materials for your professional context:

■? Polyolefin labels and sleeves that remain legible in wet environments, in high temperatures and when exposed to chemicals ■? Vinyl labels available in many colours with excellent oil and dirt resistance, great UV-resistance ■? Nylon labels that are very strong and flexible and show excellent chemical and extreme temperature resistance


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