CMS plc Manchester Open Day with Ideal

Ideal Open Day 2

Recently we held an Open Day with Ideal at our Manchester branch. Ideal provide a range of solutions for WAN and LAN installation and maintenance and have many years of experience in network testing.

The aim of the open day was to invite customers to learn more about the product range Ideal have to offer. Jan Howard and Adam McConkey were the representatives from Ideal, on hand to answer any questions. With them, they brought a selection of products they could demonstrate to attendees and also a large number of doughnuts to dish out.

Overall the day proved a hit, with a number of customers showing great interest in the product set from Ideal. There were numerous quality questions asked and some good enquiries made for real requirements. Ideal Open Day 1Two customers actually purchased VDVII_Pro machines on the day and Ideal suggested they should see (at least) a further two sales of a VDV_II and SignalTEK II machines after the event.

Jan Howard from Ideal explained,

“The trade counter Open Day with CMS provided us with a great opportunity to interact with potential customers and really showcase our products. We found the day to be beneficial and would love to hold a similar event again in the future.”