Microsens Gigabit & Fast Ethernet Bridge with Power Over Ethernet (PoE)

Beside the media conversion the PoE Bridge enables the power supply of end devices such as access points, web cameras and IP telephones via RJ-45 port. The wide spread positioning of IP cameras results into the use of fiber optic, because only in this way it is possible to cover these long distances.

With the use of Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) the use of 230 VAC power supplies for the end devices, which have to be installed parallel to the networking cable by using the traditional technology, can be avoided. The networking technician can do the commissioning of the end devices completely because an electrician is not required and that results in further cost savings.

The PoE Bridge is available in two versions, a cost effective version with an external power supply and a version with an integrated 230 VAC power supply. The MS400249P PoE Bridge supports up to 15.4 W within the 802.3af standard. The SFP version supports all MSA compliant SFP transceiver available on the market, which offers a high flexibility.

The PoE Bridge MS400080 with an internal power supply supports an output power of 15.4 W. This Bridge is also available with the extended 802.3af version and therefore offers a maximum output power of 30 W. With an integrated power supply the devices are high class and robust.

Product Description
Code Description Price Qty
Description: PoE-Bridge, 1000X-port as SFP Slot
PoE-Bridge, 1000X-port as SFP Slot
Description: PoE-Bridge, Multimode 1310nm SC Duplex 20km
PoE-Bridge, Multimode 1310nm SC Duplex 20km
Description: PoE-Bridge, Singlemode 1310nm SC Duplex 30km
PoE-Bridge, Singlemode 1310nm SC Duplex 30km