LanMaster LM26 Ethernet Link Tester

The most advanced Link Tester available!

The new LanMaster 26 features Gigabit over copper link testing capability and VoIP/PoE detection. The Model 26 even measures the voltage supplied by the VoIPor PoE port with typical loading to ensure that the voltage level is adequate. After verifying correct power is available, the LanMaster 26 tests a VoIP or PoE port to determine the speed and duplex mode. The Port ID feature identifies which port on a hub or switch that a wall outlet is connected to by flashing the Link light on the connected port. The LanMaster 26 provides critical network connectivity and configuration information needed to maintain and troubleshoot a LAN at an affordable price.

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Description: LanMaster LM26 Ethernet Link Tester
LanMaster LM26 Ethernet Link Tester