LAN Smart Network Cable Tester Pro

LANsmart is a hi-tech, multifunctional network cable tester. In addition to detecting basic wire faults like opens, shorts, mis-wires and split pairs, it can also measure cable length using TDR (Time Domain Reflectometers) technology in real time. LANsmart displays the results in a pin-to-pin format. When there are any open or short faults in the cable, LANsmart will detect, locate and display the results.

LANsmart can also send out audio signals to help find the corresponding cables; users can also send out auto-negotiating signals to find out the corresponding hub/switch ports.

LANsmart is compact, ergonomic and easy to operate. Its advanced functions and versatility make it an all-in-one tester suitable for technicians and installers alike.

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Description: LANSmart Network Cable Tester Pro
LANSmart Network Cable Tester Pro