CADDY CAT HP - (J-Hooks)

CADDY® CAT LINKS is a cable support system from ERICO®. It is UL® listed and designed to meet the growing market trend of larger diameter cable sizes.

  • INNOVATIVE: Wide-base design with smooth, bevelled edges providing a large bending radius for 10Gb Cabling Systems. It meets ISO/IEC 18010 and is suitable for large diameter cables including Cat 6A & Cat 7
  • VERSATILE: Accommodates a variety of attachment methods - threaded rod, wall mounts etc. and is expandable for additional integrated pathways
  • INTERCHANGEABLE: All J-Hooks can be attached to other fasteners in multiple configurations. J-Hook to J-Hook or J-Hook to fasteners
  • USER FRIENDLY: Requires no screws, rivets or special tools for installation of fastener assemblies
  • ECONOMICAL: Less time and labour are required compared to cable tray systems and no grounding is required
  • Quicker, easier and more versatile than cable trays
  • A full range of fastener assemblies ready to accept a J-Hook - just clip it on!
  • Fire rated to DIN4102-12 for 30 minutes
Product Description
Code Manufacturer Part No Size Price Qty
Manufacturer Part No: 181061
Size: 25mm J-Hook
181061 25mm J-Hook
Manufacturer Part No: 181062
Size: 50mm J-Hook
181062 50mm J-Hook
Manufacturer Part No: 181063
Size: 75mm J-Hook
181063 75mm J-Hook
Manufacturer Part No: 181064
Size: 100mm J-Hook
181064 100mm J-Hook