Helawrap Easy-Fit Spiral Bind

The design of this product allows for easy access to the cable at any point, whilst the accompanying applicator tool ensures quick and easy installation.

Due to its innovative design, installation costs can be significantly reduced.

Product Description
Code Manufacturer Part No Pack Size Cable Bundle Size Internal Diameter Price Qty
Manufacturer Part No: HWPP16BKx25mt+To
Pack Size: 25m
Cable Bundle Size: 13 - 16mm
Internal Diameter: 16mm
HWPP16BKx25mt+To 25m 13 - 16mm 16mm
Manufacturer Part No: HWPP20BKx25mt+T
Pack Size: 25m
Cable Bundle Size: 18 - 21mm
Internal Diameter: 20mm
HWPP20BKx25mt+T 25m 18 - 21mm 20mm
Manufacturer Part No: HWPP25BKx25MT+T
Pack Size: 25m
Cable Bundle Size: 23 - 27mm
Internal Diameter: 25mm
HWPP25BKx25MT+T 25m 23 - 27mm 25mm
Manufacturer Part No: HWPP30BKx25MT+T
Pack Size: 25m
Cable Bundle Size: 29 - 32mm
Internal Diameter: 30mm
HWPP30BKx25MT+T 25m 29 - 32mm 30mm