Gorilla Tubs

Gorilla Tubs are great for mixing small batches of plaster and mortar.

They can be carried with both handles in one hand, shaped for pouring, pressed flat to the floor for scooping, pushed flat against a wall for scraping wallpaper into catching leaks etc.

Gorilla Tubs can be used for tool baps, water tubs, rubber, removers, roofing, scaffold knuckles, collecting bits, broken glass carrier etc.

Product Description
Code Description Size Price Qty
Description: Small 14 Litre Tub
Size: 23cm(H) x 32cm(D)
Small 14 Litre Tub 23cm(H) x 32cm(D)
Description: Medium 26 Litre Tub
Size: 31cm(H) x 40cm(D)
Medium 26 Litre Tub 31cm(H) x 40cm(D)
Description: Shallow 35 Litre Tub
Size: 15cm(H) x 56cm(D)
Shallow 35 Litre Tub 15cm(H) x 56cm(D)
Description: Large 42 Litre Tub
Size: 32cm(H) x 45cm(D)
Large 42 Litre Tub 32cm(H) x 45cm(D)
Description: Extra Large 75 Litre Tub
Size: 37cm(H) x 57cm(D)
Extra Large 75 Litre Tub 37cm(H) x 57cm(D)