Hellermanntyton - FDES - Fibre Distribution Enclosure - Splice

The Internal Fibre Distribution enclosure has been designed to be used as a Floor Distributor (FD) or Building Entry Point (BEP) in order ro break out, splice and connect fibre optic cables at the point of entry into a building or to distribute individual fibre circuits on a specific floor or zone within a building or office. The two layer closure is manufactured from white ABS and has 6 cable entry points positioned around the closure base to allow for vertical and horizontal mounting positions thereby enabling the management of mid-span/in-line and cable (butt) end configurations. The base also provides fibre storage capacity. The hinged splice tray can support up to 18 3A splices (double stacked) and can accommodate passive optical splitters. The enclosure cover is entirely removable to give clear access to the fibre storage, connector and splice areas and is secured with a twist lock.

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Description: HT Fibre Splice Box
HT Fibre Splice Box