Cable Rodders

High quality fibre glass rod helically wound giving good adhesion properties for the abrasive resistant outer polyethylene coating. Available in two sizes.

  • Fitted as standard with two threaded connectors and a guide tip for attaching the draw rope
  • Used for pushing into the duct, installing drawropes,  pulling in winch ropes or even light cables
  • Replacement rods are available to purchase separately
Product Description
Code Description Price Qty
Description: Size 1 (6mm Ø x 60 Metres)
Size 1 (6mm Ø x 60 Metres)
Description: Size 1 Replacement Rod
Size 1 Replacement Rod
Description: Size 2 (9mm x 120 Metres) Rod & Frame
Size 2 (9mm x 120 Metres) Rod & Frame
Description: Size 2 Replacement Rod
Size 2 Replacement Rod