Bendex – Maxi Trunking, Clip-on Flat Bend

PVC-U is flame retardant and self-extinguishing. It provides a 100% recyclable material with good sustainability.

Product Description
Code Manufacturer Part No Size (WxH) Type Price Qty
Manufacturer Part No: CPF5050
Size (WxH): 50 x 50mm
Type: Moulded
CPF5050 50 x 50mm Moulded
Manufacturer Part No: CPF7550
Size (WxH): 75 x 50mm
Type: Fabricated
CPF7550 75 x 50mm Fabricated
Manufacturer Part No: CPF7575
Size (WxH): 75 x 75mm
Type: Fabricated
CPF7575 75 x 75mm Fabricated
Manufacturer Part No: CPF1010
Size (WxH): 100 x 100mm
Type: Fabricated
CPF1010 100 x 100mm Fabricated
Manufacturer Part No: CPF1050
Size (WxH): 100 x 50mm
Type: Moulded
CPF1050 100 x 50mm Moulded
Manufacturer Part No: /
Size (WxH): 150 x 150mm
Type: Fabricated
/ 150 x 150mm Fabricated