Assynia Authorised Integrator

The Assynia® 25-year system warranty is available on all Assynia® products that have been installed and tested by one of our Authorised Integrators.

Becoming an Assynia® Authorised Integrator (AI) brings many opportunities including preferential pricing, project support, rebates and  qualified Assynia® installation enquiries.

The Assynia® Authorised Integrator training  programme covers Category 5e and 6 installation practices, consisting of both theory and practical sessions.  Held in our offices throughout the UK, the training is a one day course and covers

  • An overview of structured cabling
  • Current/future technologies
  • Installation practices
  • Cable performance measuring NEXT, FEXT, PSNEXT, ELFEXT, Attenuation etc.
  • Testing and analysing results

To find out more about becoming an  Assynia® Authorised Integrator, speak to your local sales office or call 01252 379 379