HellermannTyton RapidNet™ Out of Rack

HellermannTyton’s Out of Rack connectivity solution helps address many of the challenges faced by the ever increasing demands on today’s data centres. The Out of Rack unit allows connectivity and interconnecting equipment out of the cabinets, freeing additional U space which can then be used to increase server counts per rack, maximising the return on valuable data centre space.

The latest ‘rack and roll’ deployment methods - separating connectivity from the server racks which can then pre-configured and commissioned off line prior to final positioning. The servers can then be patched across to the pre-installer Out of Rack connectivity, greatly improving speed and ease of server rack deployment.


Available in three configurations:-

  • 3U of RapidNet Rackspace.
  • 1U of 19” Rackspace and 2U of RapidNet Rackspace.
  • 3U of standard 19” Rackspace.
  • Increased flexibility
  • Reduce infrastructure costs
  • Increase space utilization
  • 600mm width for the narrowest server rack
  • Adjustable vertical height
  • Single person overhead installation
  • Fits any 50mm pitch basket tray
  • Vertical cable management into the rack or cabinet
  • RapidNet mesh clips for simple cable management
  • Multiple fixing points for 25mm conduit cable management
  • Cable anchoring points
  • RapidNet ready
  • Grounding studs for earth bonding
  • Maximum capacity of 156 copper ports or 2,016 fibre using RapidNet MTP VHD or combination of both

HellermannTyton RapidNet™ Out of Rack

Code Description Type Price Qty
RNAORC1 RapidNet™ Out of Rack Connectivity - 3U RapidNet™ Rack Connectivity
RNAORC2 Out of Rack Connectivity - 2U RapidNet™ + 1 free patch Rack Connectivity
RNAORC3 Out of Rack Connectivity - 3U free patching Rack Connectivity
CMA-GK01 Gland kit 1m conduit + 2 glands Accessories
CMA-GK03 Gland kit 3m conduit + 2 glands Accessories
CMA-GK10 Gland kit 10m conduit + 10 glands Accessories
CMA-GK25 Gland kit 25m conduit + 10 glands Accessories
CMA-GP22 Gland mounting plate 4 hole 2 x 2 Accessories
CMA-GP40 Gland mounting plate 4 hole 1 x 4 Accessories
CMA-GP44 Gland mounting plate 8 hole 2 x 4 Accessories
CT036-010 Velcro cable ties - pack of 10 Accessories
RNCC6 Four way RapidNet™ cable clamp cover Accessories
RNCCC RapidNet™ cable clamp cover Accessories
DCMJST RJ45 Rubber dust cover Accessories
CMA-SB45 400mm Basket Accessories
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