CCTV Power Supply Units

A switched mode power supply unit specifically designed for professional CCTV systems, with multiple outputs, PTCs (thermal self-resetting fuses) and individual LED indication.


  • Metal cased design
  • 240VAC internal fused terminal
  • Switched mode design
  • Screw terminal termination for each output
  • PTC (thermal self resetting) fuses for each output
  • LED indication per output
  • Assembled & tested in the UK

CCTV Power Supply Units

Code Description Price Qty
GE-PSU1SM 12VDC 1Amp In-line Switch Mode Power Supply
GE-PSU2SM 12VDC 2Amp In-line Switch Mode Power Supply
GE-PSU35SM 12VDC 3.5Amp In-line Switch Mode Power Supply
GE-TPH-PS244 24VDC 4Amp Weatherproof Power Supply Unit
GE-W408S/12R 12VDC 8 Port, 4Amp Regulated PSU, 8x 500mA Outputs
GE-W816S/12R 12VDC 16 Port, 8Amp Regulated PSU, 16x 500mA Outputs
GE-W408S 24VDC 8 Port, 4Amp PSU, 8x 500mA Outputs
GE-C01 Converts 24VAC to 12VDC, 1Amp Maximum, DC Power Plug
GE-C05 Converts 24VAC to 12VDC, 500mA Maximum, DC Power Plug
OM-PSU1 12VDC, 4 x 1AMP PTC Fused Boxed CCTV power supply
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