LinkWare Live is a software service that provides cable installation professionals with project, test results, and tester management capabilities for unmatched job visibility and superior job control from anywhere at any time.

    LinkWare Live tracks multiple certification jobs, manages test setups and test results and monitors the location and status of testers with browser based ease improving efficiency for the project manager, technician as well as the instruments that are part of the Versiv™ Family.

    Take control of your certification jobs

    • Track multiple certification jobs to improve scheduling and resource allocation from any smart device
    • Upload and consolidate test results from remote sites, minimizing time wasted in collecting and sorting test results
    • Create and manage test setups and cable IDs with browser based ease and update testers remotely
    • Real-time access to test results ensures issues are diagnosed in the early stages of the job eliminating expensive rework
    • Create summary certification reports in the browser to quickly share project progress with end customers
    • LinkWare Live Asset Management* tracks the location and monitors the status of all testers to ensure they are always calibrated and running the latest firmware
    • Automated and easy firmware updates in the field ensures testing is done to the latest specification
    • Direct integration with LinkWare™ Cable Test Management Software ensures accurate PDF reports can be created quickly
    • Cloud based architecture provides easy access, unmatched scalability and high availability
    • Integrates with compatible labeling solutions to quickly generate accurate labels from the LinkWare Live database

    Track certification jobs on your phone

    Dashboards in LinkWare™ Live provides instant insight on the progress of your certification job on your smart phone or any browser enabled device. This ensures your certification jobs and projects are completed on time.

    The ability to track multiple jobs simultaneously also improves scheduling and resource allocation to ensure maximum productivity from technicians as well as instruments. Customization of the dashboard enables you to group multiple projects to ensure it matches the way you do business. The ability to archive projects ensures only the relevant data is displayed on the dashboard.

    Upload test results from remote sites

    Test Results Management is made easy with LinkWare Live. This means that you spend less time on non-value added tasks and more time on tasks that matter and helps you complete the job faster, obtain system acceptance quicker and thus get paid faster.

    The Versiv testers directly integrate with LinkWare Live allowing test results to be uploaded to Once the results are stored remotely you can view them on any internet enabled smart device with a browser anywhere and at any time.

    Consolidate test results for large projects

    Often you have to use multiple testers for a job and sometimes these testers are on multiple sites. Collecting and consolidating data from each can be time consuming. Now with LinkWare Live data from all those different testers on different sites can effortlessly be consolidated into a single project. This also ensures that you get all the data and avoid retesting due to missing results.

    Create ProjX™ test setups and cable IDs in the browser

    Create ProjX test setups and cable IDs with browser based ease and save them in LinkWare Live. Once saved they can then be download to any remote tester. Avoid unnecessary travel to the jobsite or keep the tester in the field as the tester can now be setup remotely.

    Alternatively, ProjX setups can be created or updated on a tester and then uploaded to LinkWare Live for distribution to other testers.

    Alternatively, ProjX setups can be created or updated on a tester and then uploaded to LinkWare Live for distribution to other testers.

    Copper test setups and fiber test setups can be created from the browser. The options available on the browser are the same as those while creating the test setup on the tester. But it's faster to create the ProjX setup on the browser as the number of screens needed has been reduced to just 1.

    Both sequential and custom ID lists can be created from the browser ensuring cable IDs are generated quickly as defined in the job specification. Cable IDs can also be created in the browser by importing Microsoft Excel or CSV files.

    Get notified about incorrect test limits and cable IDs

    LinkWare Live notifies you when any test results with incorrect test limits or cable IDs are uploaded.

    Along with the notification LinkWare Live also provides the capability to accept or reject these test results.

    Always ensure your tests are following the specification required for the certification job. You can now catch these errors early on in the project and rectify any of these errors quickly eliminating additional truckrolls to redo testing.

    In cases when corrections made in the field to test limits and cable IDs are valid, LinkWare Live provides a one click interface to add these changes and modify the ProjX setup. The corrected test setup can then be used to update all other units.

    Asset Management*

    LinkWare Live asset management provides a single intuitive way to monitor testers in the field. Any user with the permission to view asset information can quickly identify the last used location of the tester and also get information on who is using the tester.

    LinkWare Live also informs you 60 days in advance if any tester needs to be calibrated. It also provides notification on the firmware version that is running on the testers in the field. Testers that need to be updated can be updated remotely ensuring that tests are performed to the latest test limits.

    LinkWare Live Asset Management dramatically reduces the amount of time spent in locating and managing testers in the field and ensures your team is always ready for the job.

    Quickly create a summary certification report for each certification job from the directly from the browser so end customers can quickly be updated about project progress.

    Integration with Leading Labeling Solutions

    The world's leading providers of labeling solutions work with LinkWare Live to make labeling faster, simpler, and error-free. By accessing label identifiers stored in LinkWare Live, these solutions remove the tedious step of re-entering long strings into the labelers.

    For a complete list of compatible products, how they work with LinkWare Live and availability, please visit:

    LinkWare Cable Test Management Software

    Linkware™ PC Cable Test Results Management Software is the reporting engine for LinkWare Live. LinkWare PC connects to LinkWare Live and allows you to easily download any of the results uploaded to perform analysis on the results or to create reports.

    Reports created from LinkWare are considered industry de-facto standard and are recommended by leading cabling manufacturers, consultants and industry experts.

    LinkWare Live Compatibility

    LinkWare Live is compatible with the following Fluke Networks products:

    • DSX-5000 CableAnalyzer™
    • OptiFiber® Pro OTDR
    • CertiFiber® Pro Optical Loss Test Set
    • FI-7000 FiberInspector™ Pro


    How do I connect the Versiv tester to the internet? You can now connect the tester to the internet using an Ethernet cable via the RJ45 port on the unit or you can connect to a WIFI network using a WIFI adapter (the ASUS Wireless-N10 USB Adapter is compatible with the Versiv family of products)

    How do I start using LinkWare Live Professional? Currently there is no charge for using LinkWare Live Professional and all users will have LinkWare Live Professional licenses. Go to -> sign-in -> navigate to the PEOPLE tab -> click on a user -> Change the assigned license from LinkWare Live Essentials to LinkWare Live Professional

    Visit the LinkWare™ Live product page at

    For help using LinkWare™ Live please visit

  • Are you an Electrician?


    Free and available to all electricians, mySchneider Electrician portal helps you to save time and make life easier with everything you need in one place.

    Through the portal you can apply to join our Electrician Partner Programme, a free scheme supporting the smaller electrical contractor working primarily in the residential and light commercial sectors.


    Check out their brochure here:

    Check out their video here:


    Register here:



  • This deal is FIREEEEEE!

    IgniteNet™’s SkyFire™ is the world’s first outdoor dual-radio (dual-band concurrent) AP/CPE/PTP featuring the newest wireless and cloud technologies. The SkyFire™ AC contains 2 ultra-high powered 2x2 MIMO radios with one 802.11ac (5GHz) radio and one 802.11n (2.4GHz) radio capable of delivering blisteringly fast wireless speeds.

    Designed for outdoor applications, IgniteNet's Skyfire AC1200 dualband WiFi PoE Access Point contains 2 ultra high-powered 2 x2 MIMO radios offering simultaneous operation in the 2.4 GHz and 5GHz band. The SF-AC1200-2-UK has 1 x gigabit Ethernet port supporting 24V/1A passive PoE, 2 x 10/100 ports and a USB port. It has a robust weather-resistant hybrid metal/plastic casing with a wide operating temperature range -40C/+70C to withstand the harshest environmental conditions.

    It can operate in AP/PTP/CPE mode as a stand-alone access point, or as a co-ordinated cloud-managed AP. It is cloud-enabled out of the box allowing for easy, highly scalable installation, configuration and management. Unlike traditional WiFi systems that use either a hardware controller or ask you to load and host software, IgniteNet will host your cloud platform for you. Simply login and register for your free cloud, add the serial number and MAC address of your device, and your AP will register to your cloud once it has a connection to the internet. There is no physical controller, no cloud key, no ongoing licence costs.

    Your first 2 devices are free, thereafter you can have UNLIMITED devices for a small annual subscription of less than £90. With a multi-level dashboard you have full control of configuration right down to the device level with live device stats, email alerts, historical data logging, and maintenance features such as batch firmware upgrade/configuration changes. Band steering, Hotspot support, bandwidth management and network isolation are just some of the many advanced features available to you on the cloud.

    For cost-effective cloud-managed WiFi go to and register on IgniteNet's hosted cloud platform for free. "IgniteNet's management interface is among the best we've used and the company's access point hardware is great value" (5 stars) CloudPro Review Nov 2016

    And for the month of MARCH - you can get the SKYFIRE BOGOF! So grab yourself a bargain and buy a unit and get a unit for FREEEEEEEEE!


  • Austin Hughes NEW PRODUCTS!

    Rack level access security is critically important for all data centres and server rooms. Austin Hughes has therefore increased its InfraSolution rack smart card access control range with the addition of a S-700 Stand-alone Digital Handle.

    • Sophisticated Keypad with Colour LED: Advanced touchscreen numerical key pad is combined with a smart card access sensor. To gain access to the rack the user must present an authorised smart card before entering a 6-digit code on the numerical keypad.
    • Designed for Third Party Racks: The digital handle is an intelligent design and suits the universal mounting cut out found on most third-party racks and cabinets, negating the need for costly or complicated door customisation.
    • Simple Installation: The key hardware components for each rack consists of a pair of digital handles, a numerical key pad and cable accessories and can be easily installed.
    • Dual Locking System: The mechanical lock can be used to override the electronic lock to release or lock the handle.
    • Smart Card Options: Smart card handles are available with either Proximity or MiFARE compatible readers. Alternatively, User’s existing smart cards can also be used if required.
    • Affordable Rack Security Upgrade: The InfraSolution S-700 Digital access control solution provides an affordable upgrade to standard locks (where most racks are supplied with the same key number to multiple clients). The solution is also supplied with free and user-friendly software.


  • Security: A New Range Of LILIN Products

    CMS now sell a huge range of LILIN products. We realise that IT Infrastructure is more than just cables and so this year we are focusing more on "solutions"- how to make Installers jobs easier. This means being able to find EVERYTHING needed for an install and having them to hand in our fully stocked trade counter.


    Some of these products include; 3 Series Standalone Network Video Recorder, Internal Mini Dome Cameras, External Vandal Resistant Cameras and External Bullet Cameras. However, if you see a LILIN product online, then please call your Account Manager to see what they can arrange.


    Alot of products in the new range contain Advanced IVS which includes tamper detection, object counting, tripwire, audio and perimeter software for increase security.


    Now you can view and control LILIN IP cameras via their free mobile App for Android and iOS. LILINViewer makes it easy not only to view but also control your IP cameras remotely, meaning you can activate 2-way audio, trigger DI/DO’s or even move the camera. If you are connected to an NVR or camera with an SD card installed, as well as viewing cameras in HD, playback is also available and made easy with a simple search bar.


    Check out our top LILIN products here: or CALL your Account Manager on 01252 379379 to discuss more. 


  • MASSIVE Dymo Labelling Promotion!

    End frustration and simplify labelling with the DYMO XTL 500. A life-like on screen print preview shows exactly how labels will look when applied to cables, pipes and more. Built-in label applications make getting started easy and a colour touch screen makes positioning text, barcodes and images on labels faster. A variety of pre-loaded label templates and a built-in auto cutter ensure perfect formatting to save time. Prints pre-sized and continuous labels from 6mm up to 54mm, including safety signage, and heat-shrink tubes in a full range of UL rated materials and colours. PC connectivity and free DYMO ID software for importing data directly from Microsoft Excel or databases. The XTL 500 gives you industrial strength labelling versatility with 3 year limited warranty. Click here to find out more:







    RHINO™ 5200 protective bumper kit Includes; Hard carrying case, 1x 19mm RHINO™ white flexible nylon tape, 1x 19mm RHINO™ white permanent polyester tape, Lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack and a Mains adaptor. Rhino™ 5200 Rugged, versatile, and packed with time-saving features, the Rhino™ 5200 meets key ANSI and TIA/EIA 606-A labeling standards – and can label up to 77% faster than the competition. Just press a proprietary Rhino “Hot Key” to automatically size, space and format text for perfect patch panel labels - then press another to print matching cable flags or face plate tabs, without retyping. It’s just as easy to print module and fixed-length labels, horizontal and vertical wire wraps, terminal and 110 blocks and much more. Print Code 39 and Code 128 barcodes. Access 100+ industry symbols, fractions, and punctuation marks with a few quick keystrokes. Add the optional quick-charging lithium-ion battery for uninterrupted productivity. Click here to find out more:






    Dymo XTL™ labels are durable and made for a variety of surfaces. Whether you are labelling to OSHA, ISO and ANSI colour standards or labelling in harsh conditions, Dymo XTL labels have you covered. Jobsite-tested and UL-recognized, these labels won’t smear or fade. Compatible with DYMO XTL label makers. Click here to find out more:









    *Valid on: Dymo Rhino – 5200 Handheld Label Maker Kit, Dymo XTL – 500 Label Maker Kit Case and Dymo XTL Labels

  • CMS Plc

    CMS plc is a leading UK distributor of IT Infrastructure, Networking, Security and AV solutions. For over 20 years, the company has provided products from leading manufacturers. With its head office, distribution center and fully stocked trade counter located in Farnborough, Hampshire, the company is well positioned to provide excellent customer service on a nationwide basis.

    For more information please call + 44 (0)1252-379379 or email us on

    Alternatively visit our website on

    Marketing Contact:

    Eloise Speight

    Tel: 01252 379379


    Please feel free to contact Eloise with any marketing queries you may have.

  • Introducing The New CMS Website


    We are excited to announce the launch of our brand new website.

    As you will notice, the new-look site has had a fresh make-over in the design and layout of pages, and has also received a lot of work behind-the-scenes on the structure, making the navigation much clearer and simpler for you.


    The update also includes the implementation of customer pricing. This means that CMS trade account customers will now be able to receive their trade pricing online for the first time. No longer will you have to wait to speak to a member of our sales team to place an order –  orders can be made during out-of-office hours and at your convenience.

    The updated site is also mobile responsive, so you are now able to easily order products on-the-go.


    Alongside this, some new and exciting functions have been added, including the option to request a quote, leave reviews for products and to ask advice with the new ‘ask us a question’ ability.


    We hope you like the changes and if you have any feedback, please let us know.


  • Infrastructure Solutions Seminar

    CMS held a seminar for customers on ‘An Insight into Infrastructure Solutions’ at The Belfry in the West Midlands last Thursday 6th October. Customers were invited to listen to speakers from Corning, Eaton and Fluke Networks.

    James Dietrich (UK Sales Manager) and Tony Robinson (EMEA Marketing Manager) spoke about Corning’s leading expertise in Fibre, and how they are intent on innovation to keep their Fibre to the highest specification. In particular, emphasis was put on Corning’s EDGE and EDGE8 solutions, demonstrating to the attendees the benefits in high density fibre optic cabling, especially for data centre solutions.

    Customers were also made aware about Corning’s shielded Copper solution, specifically for Cat 5e, 6 and 6a in the LAN & Data Centre environment. Corning Copper cable is flame retardant, easy to deploy, and needs no tools to unwind. The Corning Copper solution is available at CMS for extremely good prices, click here to be taken to the solution page.

    Eaton based their presentation on their Power Management and Racks. Gary Bowdler (Business Development Manager) began by speaking about Eaton’s Power Management solutions for small and medium Datacentres. When speaking about the Rack Mounted 5PX UPS, Gary drew attention to the performance and efficiency of the UPS which boasts up to 99% efficiency. The ranges of UPS’ are specifically designed for Virtualized IT environments and with new virtual environments and cloud computing, IT managers are facing new challenges. With unmatched ‘evolution’ capabilities, the 9PX UPS is already future-proof.

    In reference to the RE Series Racks, Gary highlighted the main features and accessibility of the racks. The RE Series accommodates both vertical and horizontal cable management giving the customer the option to manage their Data Centre in the most efficient way possible. Eaton brought along a RE Series 27U rack to show customers just how accessible the rack is, and how it is made specifically to make the installers life easier. To see the full range of Eaton products please click here.

    Nigel Hedges (Distributor Account Manager) from Fluke Networks held a live demo of the Fluke Versiv Unit. Showing the customers how Copper and Fibre can be tested live using LinkWare Live. LinkWare Live is a Software as a Service from Fluke Networks for cabling professionals managing multiple projects that quickly, easily and affordably provides unmatched job visibility and superior project control from anywhere at anytime

    LinkWare Live provides an easy to read dashboard that shows an overview of the project status and a project activity to ensure projects are completed on time. It removes the hurdles in data management by giving the ability to directly upload and consolidate test results from multiple testers. Nigel managed to demonstrate how quickly you can validate projects and test results in real-time with browser based ease to avoid any future rework due to incorrect testing or missing test results. To find out more on the Versiv range, click here.

    A very big thank you to all of the attendee’s, we hope you enjoyed the seminar and found it of interest.

    Eaton Presentation - Gary Bowdler

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