HellermannTyton – Patch Cords, Category 5e & 6



  • HellermannTyton have relaunched their copper patch lead range.  All patch leads individually bagged with complete test results supplied for each lead.
  • These high performance patch leads are UK manufactured, exceeding the ISO/IEC11801 and  ANSI/TIA/EIA 568-C.2 Cat 6 and Cat 5e standards
  • Available in a variety of colours and lengths as standard, the HellermannTyton patch lead is fitted with a low profile plug ideal for teh data centre environment


Code Description Type Length Sheath Colour Price Qty
HT-5E010 CAT 5e (LS0H) UTP 1.0m LS0H
HT-5E020 CAT5e (LS0H) UTP 2.0m LS0H
HT-5E030 CAT 5e (LS0H) UTP 3.0m LS0H
HT-5E050 CAT 5e (LS0H) UTP 5.0m LS0H
HT-5E100 CAT 5e (LS0H) UTP 10.0m LS0H
HT-5EF010GY CAT 5e Shielded (LSOH) FTP 1.0m LS0H
HT-5EF020GY CAT 5e Shielded (LSOH) FTP 2.0m LS0H
HT-5EF030GY CAT 5e Shielded (LSOH) FTP 3.0m LS0H
HT-5EF050GY CAT 5e Shielded (LSOH) FTP 5.0m LS0H
HT-BT6010 CAT 6 (LS0H) UTP 1.0m LSOH
HT-BT6020 CAT 6 (LS0H) UTP 2.0m LSOH
HT-BT6030 CAT 6 (LS0H) UTP 3.0m LSOH
HT-BT6050 CAT 6 (LS0H) UTP 5.0m LSOH
HT-BT6100 CAT 6 (LS0H) UTP 10.0m LS0H
HT-BT6F010GY CAT 6 Shielded (LS0H) FTP 1.0m LS0H
HT-BT6F020GY CAT 6 Shielded (LS0H) FTP 2.0m LS0H
HT-BT6F030GY CAT 6 Shielded (LS0H) FTP 3.0m LS0H
HT-BT6F050GY CAT 6 Shielded (LS0H) FTP 5.0m LS0H
HT-6A1GY CAT 6a Deca 10 Shielded (LS0H) FTP 1.0m LS0H
HT-6A2GY CAT 6a Deca 10 Shielded (LS0H) FTP 2.0m LS0H
HT-6A3GY CAT 6a Deca 10 Shielded (LS0H) FTP 3.0m LS0H
HT-6A5GY CAT 6a Deca 10 Shielded (LS0H) FTP 5.0m LS0H
HT-6A10GY CAT 6a Deca 10 Shielded (LS0H) FTP 10.0m LS0H
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