UniCamĀ® Autumn Splash


UniCam Autumn Splash Valid from 1st September – 30th November 2017

What is in it for you?

  • Buy 300 UniCam Connectors of any type, from the part numbers listed below, and get one item FREE
  • Buy a multiple of 300 UniCam Connectors and get several items FREE

The following fibre connectors are eligible for this promotion:

  • 95-050-99-X LC MM/OM3/4 High-Performance UniCam Fibre Connector (CNG-HPCLC4)
  • 95-200-99 LC SM/OS2 UPC High-Performance UniCam Fibre Connector (CNG-HPCLC9)
  • 95-200-41 SC SM/OS2 UPC High-Performance UniCam Fibre Connector (CNG-HPCSC9)
  • 95-050-41-X SC MM/OM3/4 High-Performance UniCam Fibre Connector (CNG-HPCSC4)

For every 300 UniCam Connectors of the same style that you buy, you get one of the following options FREE!

Option 1:

  • 1 Free High-Performance Unicam Tool Kit, worth £1,275

Option 2:

  • 12 free 1U LANC housings with fibre optic adaptors ready for field-termination with UniCam connectors. 
    Customers will receive 12 housings of their choice (same configuration) per every 300 connectors. 
    LANC-124-AD-00Q-S0B - 1U LANC, 24F, LC, MM/OM3/4, without splice trays and pigtails, black 
    • LANC-124-AE-00R-S0B - 1U LANC, 24F, LC, SM/OS2, without splice trays and pigtails, black 
    • LANC-124-AE-00R-S0B - 1U LANC, 24F, SC, MM/OM3/4, without splice trays and pigtails, black 
    • LANC-124-E7-00Q-S0B - 1U LANC, 24F, SC SM/OS2, without splice trays and pigtails, black

Option 3:

  • 1 free Clean 250µm Kit to use for 250 µm fibre optic cables in combination with UniCam connectors
    Content of the Clean 250µm Kit:
    • 25x FAN-BT25-12 Indoor Buffer Tube Fan-Out Kit 7-12 fibres 0.6 m 
    • 12x FAN-BT-3CM-25 Adapter Tubes 250 to 900 μm 3 cm (25 pcs) 
    • 1x TKT-CLEAN-SFC Tool Kit- Single Fiber Cleaning

For every multiple of 300 UniCam connectors you buy - you get a free item! For example: 900 UniCam connectors could get you all three of the above, for free!



Once you have purchased 300 UniCam connectors from CMS - please complete this online form to receive your FREE item!

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 Terms & Conditions

  • Order your Unicam connectors on the CMS website, using the link below, alternatively please call the CMS sales office on 01252 379 379
  • Corning Optical Communications GmbH & Co. KG (“Corning”) provides free-of-charge items on a first come first serve basis. According to availability, deviant lead times might be applied
  • Requests for free-of-charge items need to be entered by filling in the online-registration form, using the link above
  • If all conditions are met, Corning will prepare the free-of-charge item/s for shipment directly to the customer within 10 working days. Transit time to the destination of the customer’s choice will add to the total delivery time of the items
  • The promotion starts on 1st of September 2017 and will end on the 30th of November 2017. The registration page will be closed upon end of the promotion. Any request for free-of-charge items after 30th of November cannot be considered
  • This promotion is not open to employees or representatives of federal, state or local governments
  • Taxes, if any, are under the sole responsibility of the customer
  • Corning is not responsible or liable for any technical, hardware, software, server, website or other failures or damages of any kind which may prevent or obstruct the customer from participating in the promotion
  • This promotion is governed by the laws of Germany